mythbusters: the medical marijuana edition (part 1 of 2)

I started writing this in January and have been debating whether or not to put it up now or after I’m done with the prompt list I’ve been working on for a few months. I’ve decided to put it up now for my sanity because I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions.

This post is strictly going to be on the educational variety and aimed at challenging misconceptions and total myths about being on medical marijuana.

I will link to articles, research, and anything of relevance. This is not meant to be staunchly advocating the use of medical marijuana (it’s truly not for everyone), but to provide information to those who seek it from the viewpoint of someone who has seen the absolutely powerful and life-changing effects first-hand for almost half a year. I will include many of the questions I personally had prior to my first trip to the doctor and to the dispensary. Dispelling myths is what I strive to do… and there are sooooo many myths. I will discuss medication in general.

Because of length, I’ve decided to split this in two. The first part (below the cut) describes my journey towards finding an un-orthodox method that works. Part two will be geared at dispelling the false misconceptions about medical marijuana (namely, the fact that it doesn’t get the patient high, and the science-backed benefits). Part two has many links to other sources. I feel like this is a rational way to split this. Part two will be up tomorrow after I’m done editing for grammar. So check it out under the cut.

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31 days of bipolar|day 7: not to be defined…

…by your weakest moments even though you are…

I’m returning to this blog prompt jawn and hope to complete it.

A friend recently stated that it (use to) irk them when someone used their diagnosis as an adjective. I’m in that same mindset. It use to bother me quite a bit, but I’ve learned to let it go easier without jumping straight to getting defensive. Yet there are days when I get really irritated at people when they use the term “bipolar” as an adjective. I’ve learned to soften my approach and be more on the education side instead of anger.

We all hear it in conversation, often daily: “The weather is so bipolar!”, “I’m just a little bipolar!”, “She/he/they are really bipolar! One minute they’re happy, the next they punch a wall!”. All of that. When someone acts up and expresses human emotion, they get labeled as “being bipolar”. Or the weather… I live in Pennsylvania, and we have 6 seasons here; Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn, Rain, and Construction. Sometimes, Rain and Construction overlap everything else. Sometimes, it’s snowing one day and t-shirt weather the next, only to be 35 and raining the next. Seasons are only a general outline and they happen here. Several times a week, I hear someone describe our normal weather pattern as “being bipolar” Yes, that is offensive. I liken it to slurs like “tranny” or “faggot” and the like. But it’s not a term I want to “reclaim”. I live with bipolar disorder. It’s a fact of my life, just like I am a transgender man and ethnically Hellenic.

What are the worst things someone can say to somebody who has bipolar?

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finding my voice.

Not titling this one with lyrics because I couldn’t think of anything fitting.

I am a transgender man and I am a musician. Where this intersects is in my singing voice. Past the cut is my experience in learning how to use (and find!) my voice while medically transitioning.

This is a blog entry I’ve been wanting to write for a while. It’s the perfect way to start using my domain again, which turns 10 this year! I hope to transform this space into something more functional.

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i’ve seen a chance to say ‘amen’…

…to just let go and start again.



Sentencing is on 9 March at 9am. Criminal Justice Center, 13th & Filbert in Center City Philadelphia.


I believe that this is open to the public, but I’ll double-check. I know I can bring people with me without them being subpoenaed. I cannot wait for the Judge to sign his fate away.

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gonna let my self go, take off my armour…

…gonna lay down my load  and be free…

I have not used my blog in a while since life got…life-y. I turn to the incredible Séan McCann for inspiration today. His story, in short, comes from a successful career as a part of the band Great Big Sea… until his demons caught up to him and he decided to come clean and face his addiction head-on.

I am also inspired to finally write on my experience as a transgender man and survivor of abuse. This is my truth.
(Also a note that I began writing this a few nights prior to my 30th birthday.)


violence, domestic abuse, suicide, mental illness, addiction, and all sorts of whatever I write about.

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Galaktoboureko recipe

I haven’t posted in a while… So here’s a recipe that’s 100% vegan.. all measurements are approximate because my people don’t measure things since we’re always right. I’m getting better at making childhood favorites dairy-free and mostly egg-free. 🙂

(pronounced: ga-lahk-toh-BOO-ree-koh)
It’s a custard pie that’s kind of like baklava but without the nuts. The name is a combination of Greek and Turkish: “galakto” means “of milk” in Greek, and “börek” is Turkish for a filo-filled pastry. This is a family recipe that I modified to remove milk and eggs.

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