i’ve seen a chance to say ‘amen’…

…to just let go and start again.



Sentencing is on 9 March at 9am. Criminal Justice Center, 13th & Filbert in Center City Philadelphia.


I believe that this is open to the public, but I’ll double-check. I know I can bring people with me without them being subpoenaed. I cannot wait for the Judge to sign his fate away.

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gonna let my self go, take off my armour…

…gonna lay down my load  and be free…

I have not used my blog in a while since life got…life-y. I turn to the incredible Séan McCann for inspiration today. His story, in short, comes from a successful career as a part of the band Great Big Sea… until his demons caught up to him and he decided to come clean and face his addiction head-on.

I am also inspired to finally write on my experience as a transgender man and survivor of abuse. This is my truth.
(Also a note that I began writing this a few nights prior to my 30th birthday.)


violence, domestic abuse, suicide, mental illness, addiction, and all sorts of whatever I write about.

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Galaktoboureko recipe

I haven’t posted in a while… So here’s a recipe that’s 100% vegan.. all measurements are approximate because my people don’t measure things since we’re always right. I’m getting better at making childhood favorites dairy-free and mostly egg-free. 🙂

(pronounced: ga-lahk-toh-BOO-ree-koh)
It’s a custard pie that’s kind of like baklava but without the nuts. The name is a combination of Greek and Turkish: “galakto” means “of milk” in Greek, and “börek” is Turkish for a filo-filled pastry. This is a family recipe that I modified to remove milk and eggs.

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