finding my voice.

Not titling this one with lyrics because I couldn’t think of anything fitting.

I am a transgender man and I am a musician. Where this intersects is in my singing voice. Past the cut is my experience in learning how to use (and find!) my voice while medically transitioning.

This is a blog entry I’ve been wanting to write for a while. It’s the perfect way to start using my domain again, which turns 10 this year! I hope to transform this space into something more functional.

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31 days of bipolar

So, due to moving around a lot, my credit card hasn’t consistently matched where I live.. nor has it completely matched any services I use, including domain hosting, which caused a majority of my blog to end up in the asshole of the interwebz. Super sucktastic… hopefully, this housing will stick for at least a year and I don’t have to worry about everything centered on having a steady address.

As I’ve been returning to writing, I return to a meme that I gave a half-assed go at about a year ago and never finished due to life happening. The purpose is, via a prompt per day, to document my life as a transgender man living with bipolar disorder. There aren’t many accounts on the intertubes of guys like me. I generally tend to be an advocate for others, but rarely for myself. The other motive of this meme is to force me out of my comfort zone, and to advocate for myself.

The rules, as outlined by Blahpolar are simple:

1. Do whatever you like, or don’t.
2. Do it over 31 days or any other number of days, or not at all.
3. Answer as briefly or fulsomely as you wish.
4. Do the hokey pokey. Because that’s what it’s all about. (Or not.)
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