31 days of bipolar|days 18.5 & 19

If big pharma was actually listening, what would you say about bipolar meds?

If religion and/or spirituality is a part of your mental health regime: what, how and why?

So I just noticed that there are two 18s for this prompt list. So I shall combine these two into one post.

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31 days of bipolar|day 18

What don’t people without bipolar disorder understand about people with it?

Another prompt on the educational side! I’m finally almost 2/3rds complete on this prompt list. This is one I will focus mostly on the stigma aspect of the illness. Because I believe in reducing stigma by existing.

Our American society has so many horrible (and mostly false!) misconceptions about bipolar disorder. Let’s dispel the shit out of some of them!

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31 days of bipolar|day 10

Do you tell people you have bipolar? Why/why not?

As I continue to go through this writing prompt, I’m allowing myself to learn more about what I’m learning to live with. I will edit all of these to include links back to the original prompt list. There’s so much I’ve experienced since starting on this meme two years ago.

The short of it, sometimes.

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